Ms. Janet L. Garcia, Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

Ms. Janet Garcia is Vice President/Chief Financial Officer of RJA Management Services a human resources management consulting firm located in Arcadia, California.  She has over 26 years of experience managing the day to day operations, budget, business planning, and financial affairs of the firm.   Ms. Garcia works closely with clients, financial institutions, insurance carriers, accountants, lawyers, and various municipal, state, and federal agencies to ensure that all financial and legal matters of the corporation are in order.  In addition, she has provided classification and compensation consulting services to municipalities, non-profits, and the private sector.

Prior to her tenure with RJA, Ms. Garcia worked as a data processing assistant for Allstate State Insurance Company in Pasadena, CA.  While pursuing her professional career, she also has been both a homemaker and parent.  Having served as Vice President and Treasurer of the PTA, she continues to be actively involved in parent/teachers groups, volunteers at the local elementary, middle, and high schools and performs community service.

Her hobbies and interests include reading, camping, gardening, and home decorating.