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Application deadlines are open until the position is filled. Please note the review dates for application filing periods. Contact Dr. Garcia if you have any questions or concerns regarding the application process.

Application Instructions

Applications can be submitted by mail, email or online. Online applications are preferred.

  1. Download and review the application materials which include a brochure and supplemental questionnaire.

  2. Either download and print the supplemental questionnaire or complete the online version (certain positions only).

  3. Make sure you complete the short essay response(s) in the supplemental questionnaire. You can attach your essay responses on the online version, or send by email or mail with your other application materials.

  4. Hard copy applications should include your completed supplemental questionnaire with essay, 2 copies of your resume, a signed cover letter and a list of 5 professional references. Online applicants can attach their essay, resume, cover letter and references to the online form. Applications can also be sent in PDF format to Dr. Richard Garcia at rgarcia@rjamanagement.com.

Current Executive Searches

current engagements

  • City of San Pablo 360⁰ Organizational Assessment

  • Monterey County Board of Supervisors CAO, County Counsel, Civil Rights Officer and Public Defender Annual Executive Performance Evaluation

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